What is a CAT Tool?

CAT tools stands for Computer Assisted Translation or Computer Aided Translation. This technology is used by professional translators to improve efficiency and accuracy of translations. CAT tools do not translate sentences and human translators must apply their judgment and linguistic expertise to ensure a quality translation.

CAT tools such as Trados and Déjà Vu automate recurrent translation work. Each translation is saved with the source text and automatically displayed when the translator encounters a similar or the same sentence. In other words, this technology save the professional translator's translation so that no content ever needs to be translated twice.

There are several CAT programs available on the market and it is difficult to make a choice. If you are thinking of investing in a CAT program, you can visit the http://www.geocities.com/langtecheval to help you choose the solution that most closely fits with your business requirements.

List of Translation Memory Tools